Where do you buy it?

Where you can buy all this stuff:

...Enema Bags...

Enema bags are prevalent in retail stores as well as online stores and auctions like Amazon.com and Ebay.com. Some websites like TheRawFoodWorld.com carry both enema bags and Colema Boards® to provide the customer more options. They don't seem all too tricky or difficult to get a hold of.

...the Colema Board®...

There is a selection of options you have to buy the Colema Board® home enema board kit. Colema Boards® itself does not have an online purchase option available on their main website, but they have instructions on how to go about placing orders with them (foreign or domestic) or re-directing you in the way that would be the most beneficial. However, for ease of navigation, here are the options you have:

  • Directly from the manufacturer:
    Though they don't sell online, you may call Colema Boards® at 1-800-745-2446.
  • Nearby distributors:
    Call Colema Boards® and ask them for a distributor near you - if there isn't one in your area, then you may choose one of the alternative ordering methods.
  • Online distributors:
    This part gets tricky. There are quite a number of Colema Board® mimics out there, so be sure to buy one from an authorized distributor. Can't tell if they're authorized by their website? Call or email them to find out! Here are some known authorized online retailers of the Colema Board®:
    • Amen Health
    • The Raw Food World
    • Into Health
    • Detoxlife

...Professional Colonics...

This is something that is kind of up to you to find out. Check out your area for local clinics and spas that offer colonics, colon cleansing, or colon hydrotherapy. You may want to do a decent amount of checking around and actually go visit a couple places before you select one if you decide to go the professional route. Also, maybe talk to other people in your area that have been to the local facilities to see which one has a better customer rating!

How much?

But what about the price?

...Enema Bags...

Right...so, you're thinking this through and trying to determine exactly how much money you want to invest into this whole colon cleansing idea... Well, if you are just wanting to test the waters, enema bags are the cheapest way to go. They would probably not normally be considered an investment. The bags cost somewhere between $20.00 USD and $80.00 USD with varying lifespans. If you want something basic and inexpensive, enema bags are probably what you are leaning towards right now. If you want a product with more longevity and comfort, however, this most likely is not the product for you.

...the Colema Board®...

Alright... So, you are interested in getting the Colema Board®, you have the phone in your hand, and you're ready to dial the phone to place your order...but how much does this thing cost? Well, the prices for the Colema Board® vary slightly amongst the distributors. Colema® Distributors are permitted to discount the price of the board, offer free shipping, etc.

With that said, here is the basic pricing that we found for the Deluxe Colema Board® Kit (please understand that local distributors and Colema Boards® themselves may vary in price due to things like importing, tax, sales, discounts, fees, etc):

  • Colema Board® (blue or granite): $279.00 USD
  • Replacement Tubing Assembly: $39.00 USD
  • Replacement Disposable Tip: $4.50 USD
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Tip: $86.00 USD

...Professional Colonics...

And finally, professional colonics... The cost of these vary just as much, if not more so, than the enema bag prices - but on a higher level. A lot of people report paying in the area of $60.00 USD to $150.00 USD a session. Now, if someone just wants one every so often, this may not sound too bad - but if you are wanting to regularly have them administered, this can really add up fast. Not only that, but sometimes travel can greatly add up right alongside the cost of the visits. Now, it's possible that maybe you have a medical insurance that covers this kind of a treatment for some reason or another. We haven't really heard of this happening a whole lot, but it would definitely be worth checking into if you think this approach would best meet your needs.

Maybe you are wanting to see a colon hydrotherapist once or twice a year and use either an enema bag or a home enema board to maintain your bowel cleanliness for the rest of the year. Or maybe you have some other schedule that would use the devices in various combinations. Whatever you decide is best for you, just make sure that you focus on feeling healthy and hydrated. Having that internal cleanliness and feeling good about your health on the inside will show through to the outside!

Happy cleansing!

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