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There's a million and one (give or take) sites out there with all kinds of guarantees and declarations about their products, their origins, and their quality - and sometimes it can just get downright confusing! One of the seemingly most confusing topics is colon irrigation, and we would like to share our knowledge and research to aid in the understanding of some of the questions about this particular topic.

We are not going to go through pounds and ages of history, but we can direct you to a company that we have found to have a lot of history, the most accurate information, the best reputation, and the best quality home cleansing product. If you're on this page, you've most likely heard the word "cleansing" used in reference to the body in conversational terms like "going on a cleanse" or "doing a cleanse" or "cleansing the body of toxins" or "detoxifying" and so on. Kiwis are good. Often times people associate this word with proper input - ie, eating veggies, steering towards the produce isle and away from the wine and breads isle in the grocery store, actually going to the grocery store instead of a fastfood stand... Now, this is a good start...but what about proper output? Nobody (to our knowledge) really enjoys talking about whether or not their bowels are working properly and what (if anything) is coming out.

So, what about all this colon irrigation stuff? Well, let's face it...a vast amount of absorption occurs in the colon. If toxic material of any kind (bi-product of whatever you are eating) hangs out down there, guess what happens? That's are most likely going absorb it. Not the greatest news of the day...but! - the company, Colema Boards® of California and their distributors, have a solution to your problem. Most likely you have heard the words 'enema,' 'colonic,' 'colon hydrotherapy,' or some relation thereto, and you probably know what they are, and maybe you have even had some form of one of these... Well, Colema Boards® of California has healthy bowels at the forefront of their operation... They have been pioneering advances in the colon health industry for decades. The point of colon cleansing is to remove the toxic material that could be building up and poisoning the body. Once this is accomplished, then enemas/colonics can be used for bowel irrigation for the purpose of bowel hydration and colon health maintenance.

Your body needs water!

It is extremely important, in obtaining or maintaining quality health, to hydrate the body. Why? The body is composed of about 65% water! The human brain is approximately 70% water, lungs are in the ballpark of 90% water, and the blood is in the area of 83% water. Due to foods that are available in stores today, modern lifestyles, and various other factors, human consumption of proper nutrients and liquids is largely missing the mark. Now, as was stated previously, proper intake is as crucial to health as proper output. Enemas and colonics (home or professional) serve the purposes of cleaning out the lower intestine as well as aiding in hydrating the body.

There are a lot of testimonies out there (you've probably even read some) where people either go on a fasting cleanse or consistently use the Colema Board® or similar device (like an enema bag, maybe) for a block of time and then begin to notice some changes take place. Many people notice that their skin clears up to some degree - your skin is the body's largest organ, so naturally it would make sense that it would be effected quickly by an increase in hydration or a decrease in toxic material. Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries Other people notice that if they had an enlarged bowel area (meaning they had kind of a potbelly), it decreases in size or diminishes completely - if you get that stagnant, toxic fecal material to exit your body, the place where it was storing would logically downsize.

By now, if you're still reading this, you are likely at least remotely interested in bettering your bowels with a Colema Board®...or really bored. However, we are going to guess it's the prior - and we think that's great! Improvement is always said to work best when started from the inside out. If you are looking to wash out and support a healthy colon environment, we suggest you check out Colema Boards® either here or on their website. If you are looking for all-natural and well-made detoxification and/or nutritional supplements, we recommend you check out Vit-Ra-Tox, which Colema Boards® also sells. How convenient, right? We sure think so!

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