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As we previously stated, colon cleansing is one of the ways many people cleanse their bodies. Whether calling it an enema, a colonic, colon irrigation, or whatever term is comfortable for you, many people have come to recognize that cleaning the lower intestine is important.

The Colema Board®!

Why use the Colema Board®?

The Colema Board® is a fantastic product to use to assist your lower intestine's cleanliness and health. Colon irrigation is a vital step in the direction of a healthier, more vibrant life.

Here are some key points about using the Colema Board®:

  • Allows administration of an enema in the privacy of your home, in the most comfortable way possible.
  • Provides the ability to lie down on the board during the process, permitting for increased relaxation.
  • No need to get up and run to the bathroom or pull the rectal tip in and out.
  • Water flow control is at your side, in your full control.
  • Desired water pressure can be achieved with the simple adjustment of the bucket height in respect to the board (Colema Boards® recommends approximately 24 inches).
  • Not easy to travel with. Colema Boards® is currently working on remaking their folding board model - hopefully it comes out soon!
  • It's mildly spendy. Once all the pieces and prices of a home enema board kit are added up, it is not exactly an inexpensive item. However, comparatively - it lasts a lifetime and won't add up like frequent visits with a colon hydrotherapist.

Please take note: the Colema Board® does not get sold without all necessary tubing components for board functionality. The only part that must be purchased separately from the Deluxe Colema Board® kit is the enema solution container. Why is that? Well, we have inquired to Colema Boards® why this is, and they told us that it's largely because of two reasons: 1) it saves the customer money in the long run - paying shipping and handling on a proprietary bucket you could get at your local hardware store isn't something they want to make mandatory, and 2) the wide variety of bathroom arrangement and size customers have is suprisingly large, resulting in an array of container dimensions. Colema Boards® mentioned that they intend on having a selection of buckets available for sale through them in the near future, however, so if you would rather get it through them directly, go ahead and ask!

To see some other items that Colema Boards® recommends using with their home enema board kit, take a peek on our page called Other Recommendations. Some key Vit-Ra-Tox products that are related directly to cleansing and detoxification can be found there. Also, note that there are spin-offs from this product - other enema boards, colonic boards, etc. The products are similar (being a board-like item that sits with one end over the toilet), but there are some differences - one being that the tubing is NOT universal. Different splashguard hole slants require the tubing that was designed to be used with that slant. If you are interested in knowing more on this topic (maybe you have a board already and are questioning if you have a Colema Board®), we recommend you call the Colema Boards® manufacturer - Colema Boards of California® - directly at 1(800)745-2446.

Enema Bag

So...what about enema bags?

As you likely know by this point, enema bags are a type of potential alternative for professional colonics, enema boards, the Colema Board®, etc. However, being that it is a bag and all, what are the main differences? Obviously since it is not hooked up to a bucket, but rather to a bag which holds 1 or 2 or 4 quarts of water, it is going to offer less cleaning at one time. Kind of like going through one of those automated car washes - you have three options 1) basic wash, 2) super wash, and 3) mega ultra super wash. An enema bag is basically the basic wash. It's better than nothing - but not as good as super or mega ultra super. However, enema bags are cheaper upfront and relatively discreet to travel with.

Here are some key points about enema bags:

  • Relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to get a hold of.
  • Convenient to travel with and easy to hide in luggage.
  • Not as effective as other methods.
  • Not the most comfortable thing in the world. Lying on the floor in various positions does not sound like the greatest thing in the world.
  • Messy, messy, messy! There is a potential for great mess with this product - having to take the tip out and hop on the commode to expel.
Professional Colonic Machine about professional colonics?

Professional colonics have several pros and cons to them. They are, logically, the most medical and aggressive form of colon cleansing listed on this page. There are clinics and spas around the world who offer their aid and expertise to hydrate and rejuvenate the colon. Going back to the whole car wash metaphor, this would most likely be considered option 3 - the ultra mega super wash. It sounds pretty good, but there are some other things to take into consideration also...

Here are some key features of professional colonics:

  • A very aggressive approach with high water pressure available.
  • No clean-up. You show up - do your thing - and go home.
  • Water pressure is not in your control. Many people find colonics to be uncomfortable.
  • This is not a private endeavor. A professional hydrotherapist technician will be present and in control of the machine.
  • $$$$ After a while, visits can add up!

With that said...

Naturally, there are other opinions out there on these matters...but we just wanted to provide you with the basics that we have gathered. All of these options provide great ways to help with cleaning out your lower bowel - now it's time for you to make the decision that bests suits your needs. So, with that said, we hope that this helps you at least a little bit on your quest for accurate information.

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