Some other things to think about...

As you have probably gathered from the rest of the website (provided you at least perused it), we believe that hydration and cleansing are very important. We also believe that quality nutrition and proper exercise are highly important as well. Taking that into consideration, we thought we would go over some final thoughts with you before you click away from our site.

...Quality Nutrition...

Raw fruits and veggies are great!

Theoretically, quality nutrition should be able to be obtained through quality foods that we eat. However, there are two small problems with this: 1) grocery stores do not usually supply us with high quality at affordable prices and 2) a lot of the raw, organic food available in the market today is not getting the nutrients it should from the soil that it grows in. Between pesticides and overuse, soils have gotten old and tired of growing food, so they do not put as much nutrients into them as they once did - simply because they do not have as much to give. How do we work with this problem? Well, one way is to find good, quality natural food source supplements to accompany our best efforts in the way of food. The company that really began the natural food source supplements in the way most easily used by the body is VE Irons company. They have been manufacturing their supplements for decades now with such rigidity in standards that if the products do not meet their requirements, they are not even put up for sale!! Who does that? Who cares so much about the quality of their product that they don't just drop the bar a little bit and push it through? VE Irons company, that's who!! You will likely be able to find other similar products available, but none will have the richness of history or supplements that this company has.

...Water Purification...

Pure water is the most refreshing thing of all!

Good, clean water is HIGHLY important. In fact, clean water is so important that throughout history, it has either made or broken countries, societies, and civilization. Without water, life cannot exist. Plants don't grow, fish don't swim, and everything else dies of thirst - except dirt maybe...but even it dries up and blows away. Water comprises about 75% of the Earth's surface. It regulates our body temperature and is an enormous contributor to cleaning out the body. Increasing water alone will decrease toxins in your body. That being said, if you do not already have a satisfactory water source readily available to you (ie you have chemical laiden city water or something), you should look into getting a water purifier. There are all kinds out there with a wide range of sizes and costs and capabilties - and hopefully you will find one with your name written all over it.

...Advice and Encouragement...

We know that making big changes in your life can sometimes seem completely pointless. Maybe you feel like you've tried it all before... Maybe you feel like there's nobody out there who's as bad off as you are... Maybe you just don't think any of this stuff will even work... Well, we have come across some authors who really seem to be able to speak to people and encourage them. Listed below are some titles and/or their authors we recommend to you. Many of these authors have multiple titles, so feel free to look them up on Books, books, books!

  • The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush - Andreas Moritz
  • A Cancer Battle Plan - Anne E. Frahm with David J. Frahm
  • Colon Health - Dr. NW Walker
  • The Cure - Dr. Timothy Brantley
  • Dr. Anne's Cancer Journal - Robert Lloyd Owen, PhD
  • FARfromPOOPIN - Loree Taylor Jordan
  • Full Regeneration - Brian Dodds
  • Healthy Healing - Linda Rector Page, ND, PhD
  • The Miracle of Fasting - Paul and Patricia Bragg
  • Prostrate Health in 90 Days - Larry Clapp, PhD, JD
  • Raw Spirit - Matt Monarch
  • The Tao of Detox - Daniel Reid
  • Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management - Dr. Bernard Jensen
  • Video: Living Healthfully in Our Modern Age - Robert D Irons, BSc

...Physical Exercise...

Stretches, push-ups, whatever you can do.

As you most likely know, good health and quality of life doesn't just come from drinking and eating the right stuff. You also need to move around a little bit if you can. Atrophied muscles don't do all that much good in promoting a vibrant, glowing lifestyle. So, what are you going to do about it? There are so many books and programs out there claiming their way is going to burn fat and build muscle and make your biceps bulge like balloons and your bum as firm as a book. Well, quite frankly, you should first consider what it is you want to accomplish with yourself. Do you want to build, tone, or lose? If your answer is all of these, then pick the one that's most important and work on one thing at a time - everything will fall into place as you go if you continue to treat your body right with proper input and making sure it's eliminating waste correctly. Maybe you should start with something simple like easy stretches - remind your muscles that they have the ability to move. You could probably go to a local gym or maybe talk to someone who knows you and may have suggestions of directions you should go. Once you pick something, however, stick with it for a while - two days isn't going to change anything. If you want to see some progress, you're going to have to wait a couple weeks - maybe even a whole month or more! The key is...hydrate!...and don't give up. always...

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